How to Soothe Eczema During Pregnancy

You probably already know that pregnancy can affect a woman’s body in many ways, but did you know that many experience eczema during pregnancy? With an influx of hormones and body changes, it’s not very surprising that eczema can creep up. Although there is some information about pregnancy-induced eczema (also known as atopic eruption in pregnancy, prurigo of pregnancy, pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy and papular dermatoses of pregnancy) we have some tricks up our sleeves for dealing with eczema during pregnancy.

Is Eczema During Pregnancy Common?

Although pregnancy can cause eczema, fluctuations in hormones can also cause a variety of different skin issues, such as:

  •     Acne
  •     Skin pigmentation changes
  •     Dark spots
  •     Rashes
  •     Skin sensitivity and more

Surprisingly enough, it seems that pregnancy-induced eczema is possibly the most common skin condition that occurs during pregnancy [1]. This type of eczema can also begin during pregnancy without ever experiencing the skin condition before. Although annoying and uncomfortable, this condition does not harm the baby and usually improves after the baby is born.

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