When you use quality products, not only does a little go a long way, but the benefits are life-long. As a health food store owner for many years, we understand how important investing in your health is.

In addition, when you support products like these, you’re also supporting the Organic industry, all the organic farmers, artisans and families that go with it.

    All our artisan products are crafted with superior ingredients and the highest integrity manufacturing processes.
    We use Organic, wild crafted, Kosher, raw and nutrient-dense ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils. Organic Certifications
    Our calendula products are crafted using no electromagnetic machinery to disrupt their energetic properties.
    All our products are made in a lab to ensure superior quality and tested for ph & purity.
    We only use stainless and glass in our manufacturing - never aluminum containers or utencils.
    Our products are made in small batches using the same formulations for almost 15 years.

Environmentally Friendly

We know how precious our Earth is, and we're committed to its preservation..


    All our packaging is recyclable or reusable
    We avoid extra packaging


    NO petrochemicals or mineral oil
    Vegan & renewable plant sources‑no animal products
    We buy from small, sustainable, family-owned farms


    We believe in creating jobs for local people
    All of our artisan products are made in small batches

Green Energy

    We use cleaner, renewable energy sources
    We support local energy projects including wind, solar, and biomass


    We utilize 100% recycled shipping materials


    We have a dedicated recycling program for our production and shipping facility