Glowing Skin is in✨

Glowing Skin is in✨

Spring skincare trends: glowing skin is in

Looking for Spring skincare trends to refresh your skincare routine? Minimal makeup and glowing skin is in for this year! How can you keep your skin glowing this spring? Read on to learn more!

After the Winter dried out the skin, chapped it and dried it out, it is time to “spring clean” out your skincare products drawer. Replace your winter skincare with these gorgeous hydrating, calming and lightweight products. 
Just like TikTok says “Skinimalism” is in and 20 step daily products are out. So what products should you use for Spring? Here is a daytime skincare routine layed out for you below.


In the Morning: 

Wash your face with Calendula Flower Essences Facial Cleanser

This beautiful botanical Calendula Flower Essences Facial cleanser cleans and repairs all at the same time.  This cleanser helps balance, soothe and leave skin feeling better after every use.

After cleansing, use Berry Beauty Drops (Day)

Berry Beauty Drops (Day) are lightweight & absorb quickly so you can put it on and head out for the day with a luminous glow and hydrated skin! ✨ Plus these drops have vitamin A, C and essential fatty acids. You can even put your creme bronzer and blush on top of this serum for a natural glowing minimal makeup look. 

Don’t forget to grab an Organic Calendula + Raspberry Lip Balm

This organic calendula and raspberry lip balm goes on smooth and has a hint of raspberry flavor! Throw it in your bag and reapply as needed. This lip balm will keep your lips hydrated, healthy and not waxy. 

Another thing to have in your bag to keep your skin glowing is the Hydrating Facial Mist - Neroli + Calendula

You can apply this Hydrating Facial Mist-Neroli + Calendula before you apply your Berry Beauty drops (day) and you can reapply anytime during the day to refresh your skin! So whether you just woke up, need a quick pick me up or you’re going out for the night, you can spray this on your skin for a hydrating glow.





Photo by Katya Wolf:

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