Guide for The Natural Treatment of Eyelid Dermatitis

Do you ever experience itchy or swollen eyelids? Although eyelid eczema also known as eyelid dermatitis can be caused by a variety of external or internal factors, most cases are characterized by several common symptoms including itching, stinging and/or burning. It is also quite common to experience red, swollen or flaky skin.

If you’re suffering from eyelid dermatitis, we’re here to help you heal your eczema naturally and safely.

Atopic Dermatitis vs. Atopic Contact Dermatitis vs. Irritant Contact Dermatitis

There are three types of eyelid dermatitis that are common in eczema patients, and we will discuss them in this post. They are: 1. Atopic dermatitis with eyelid involvement 2. Allergic contact dermatitis and 3. Irritant contact dermatitis. However, there are many other causes of eyelid dermatitis including psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and other conditions. It is very important to see your doctor to get the right diagnosis before proceeding with treatment.

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