Made by hand: Female Producers Remain True to Themselves

Angelique Saffle, Bodyceuticals

“Artisan work is a very special and mindful practice.”

“The love and intention of what we do is hugely important. Our organic, botanical-rich body products are used on everyone from newborns and those with compromised skin, to those at the end of life. Life is a miracle. We care about our customers and want our products to show our love and gratitude.”

Bodyceuticals is not just a family business, it’s a lifestyle that Angelique inherited. Her father grew a special grape appellation on the Greek island of Samos before opening a renowned bakery in the Pacific Northwest. Her mother was a pioneer in the health food industry more than 30 years ago, stocking organic products before “organic” was well-known.

Angelique remembers a sign on the wall of their family business: “The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our progress.” Deeply ingrained in her is the belief that with passion, conviction, joy and desire to serve other people, they become partners and friends.

“Thankfully, there are stores like PCC that provide education and a safe place for people to learn. They really partner with their vendors and we treasure our friendship of more than 10 years,” she notes.

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