A Natural Self Care Box for New Mothers

When you’ve just fallen deep into the responsibility of new Motherhood you will experience highs and lows that no one could have prepared you for. You will be SO in love and yet SO tired at the same time, add in baby blues, 3rd degree tears, stitches, sore nipples and you’ve got the Newborn stage. Mothers are usually forgotten shortly after they have their babies as the spotlight has turned (and rightfully so) but lets not let that overwhelming cuteness make us forget about the person who is exhausted, healing and trying her best not to lose it when the 4th person overstays their welcome in a day. Mothers are dealt quite a bit in the early stages and I think its important to remember that she needs love too (and more than usual).

Many countries have a grace period or “healing time” for new mothers, where they are told to lay down for many weeks after the birth while a designated “helper” aids in child care. There are no visitors aside from immediate family during this time. This ensures that the mothers receive as much rest as possible after delivering a child and have help with the baby. In areas where this occurs, rates of post birth complications and postpartum depression are statistically much lower. In Canada and the States, new mothers are “thrown to the wolves” so to speak.. after you have a baby you are to get back to business as usual. During this time, Mothers are sometimes forgotten amongst the excitement of a new baby.

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