5 Skin and Body Care Items for Mama and Babies

Today I have 5 skin and body care items for mama and babies.

I recently posted this video on Facebook and Instagram, and people started asking me all about the product. So I figured I’d put together a little post about it and four more items to accompany.

Look, I’m frugal. I’m super frugal, and I rarely spend money frivolously. I can’t remember the last time I went shopping, and other than food, personal care items, and things for our home or babies, I couldn’t care less about spending money on random things.

{Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Eczema Company, but all information, opinions, and general thoughts are my own.}

I buy things that can serve multiple uses and/or that multiple people in the house can use. For example, gallons of coconut oil? Yes! Why? Because every single person in the house uses it to eat, I use it for coffee and an essential oil carrier, and during bath time, it gets slathered all over the babies hair.


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